Glass Data Sheets

A range of standard products are available, but we are also able to supply products designed to meet specific customer requirements.


Globally Harmonised System Safety Data Sheets


Our GHS SDS is supplied below also a MSDS in REACH format. For those that require it a RoHS and REACH supplier statements are also provided.

Technical Data Sheets


Our Technical Data Sheets are supplied below.


SDS’s are updated regularly as required, and TDS’s are subject to revision without notice.

GHS SDS Tissue

RoHS & REACH Statement


Technical Data Summary

AL Surfacing Tissue

Product Application Summary

Binder Free Apertured Synthetic Veil

Filament Winding


LN Surfacing Tissue

PVB Insulation Facing Mat

RA-PE Moulding Tissues

SA Surfacing Tissue

UF Insulation Facing Mat

P500PVB - Cert Test 1530.3.1999

P500PVB - Cert Assess - ANZS3837