FireShield® was developed by the CRC for Advanced Composite Structures, to achieve high strength/weight ratios in aerospace laminates, while providing the benefits of intumescent fire protection.

By placing FireShield® just below the laminate surface, this elegant solution avoids the loss of strength and stiffness of the laminate, inherent in filling the base resins with intumescent chemicals.


Toxic gas and smoke generation are minimised, as there are no halogen based chemicals.


Under fire/flame/heat attack, a reinforced char layer is produced on the laminate surface, insulating the product and inhibiting the passage of oxygen, thus smothering the flame.


A variety of substrates can be used to place the chemical into the laminate, depending on manufacturing requirements.

When fire occurs, these substrates expand with the char as it forms, reinforcing the char and bonding it to the underlying layers of the laminate. The char layer does not separate from the protected product under turbulent flame attack.


FireShield® can be incorporated as a normal part of most manufacturing techniques, including pultrusion, filament winding, liquid moulding, LFI etc. The fact that the usual resins can be used, makes the introduction of FireShield® comparatively straight forward.


In exterior situations, or tidal locations, non-hygroscopic versions of FireShield® have been developed, to avoid any leaching of protection over time.


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Why Fireshield?